An apple a day…

With a fabulous array of fresh produce in store, FINK prides itself on sourcing the most delicious varieties available – local where possible.

Apples are a year-round favourite, but autumn sees the start of the English apple season with old fashioned varieties such as Pippins and Russets sitting alongside Cox’s and Braeburns – just some of the 2000 named varieties of apples stored at the National Fruit Collection in Kent.

With such a versatile fruit, there are countless recipes for both sweet and savoury dishes, but to celebrate the season, we’d love to share a couple of interesting facts and tasty treats with you.

The Brilliant Bramley

Dating back to 1809, the Bramley Seedling apple was named after a local butcher who owned the garden where the first Bramley grew.  Highly prized as a cooking apple, Bramley lovers will also be pleased to hear that the European Commission has approved ‘Traditional Bramley apple pie filling’ being granted Protected Geographical Status by joining the register of Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSGs) – a list which includes ‘Traditionally farmed Gloucestershire Old Spots pork’. A full calendar of events is planned annually to celebrate Bramley Apples including:

  • Bramley Apple Pie Week (3rd – 9th October 2016)
  • World Apple Day (21st October 2016)
  • Bramley Apple Week (6-12th February 2017)

For an authentic recipe why not try the federation’s Apple Pie recipe or do tell us about your own favourite – we’d love to hear about it.

An Autumn Glut

But what to do when we have an autumn glut? Many apples do store well over the winter but a great way to use some of them up is to make a delicious chutney.  Fabulous with cold meats and cheese to liven up the chilly months, many families have their own recipe passed down through generations.

In case you aren’t so fortunate, do try Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Glutney recipe.  Using a large variety of vegetables and a sprinkling of chilli, it’s packed full of flavour.  Find the full recipe on the Love Food Hate Waste website HERE.

For a spicy alternative, try General Gordon’s chutney, a family favourite from local spice company Steenbergs.  Loaded with aromatic spices, it’s a delicious addition to your cheese board.

We’re always keen to hear about your delicious creations too, so do let us know on social media (Facebook or Twitter), or email directly to