About Us

Previously known as The Fruit Basket, our shop has existed for over 30 years. 

Current owners Hugh Fink and Sharon Longcroft took over in 2013, and adopted the name FINK in 2016, following a major revamp. “We decided to give it Hugh’s surname as it’s short, fun & funky and we want people to know that we stock ‘unusual’ as well as ‘local’. And we’re always on the lookout for the most delicious and interesting food we can find.”

The shop brims with local produce, artisan baking, continental fine foods and fresh fish, cheeses and meats, and ingredients.  Well known celebrity chef and regular customer Stephanie Moon is very impressed. “They always have everything I need, however obscure.”

“They always have everything I need, however obscure.”

~ Stephanie Moon, Chef Consultant, All About Food

Constantly evolving, we later added the sub-brand SweetFINK under the same roof. Offering a hand-picked selection of the finest chocolates, SweetFINK offers a unique opportunity to select beautifully packaged confectionery, providing a one-stop shop for every foody’s needs. The latest addition to the family is FINK Home & Nature, responding to ever increasing concerns about our impact on the environment. FINK Home & Nature offers a range of alternative, eco-friendly products to reduce plastic use and environmental impact.