FINK’s 2018 Christmas list!

Lots to remember at this time of year? Well, here’s FINK’s 2018 Christmas list to help. Think of it as a memory-jogger to help you remember those vital festive ingredients! Just download, print and use as an order form if you like. Or, use it as a memory jogger. It’s only a starter for ten – if you’d like anything we’ve missed feel free to add it. And if you’re not sure we stock it just ask and we’ll let you know.

Whether or not you use this list, if you can get your order to us before the end of November we’ll give you a total discount of 15% on fruit and veg orders worth over £10. 

Find out what other businesses are doing this festive season by looking at the Chamber of Trade website. And make sure you come to town for Late Night Shopping on 5th December!

FINK's 2018 Christmas list
FINK’s 2018 Christmas list