MEET OUR SUPPLIER: Guppy’s Chocolates

Pete & Fran Guppy from Guppy’s Chocolates

This week is National Chocolate Week and what better way to celebrate than by meeting one of our lovely local suppliers, chocolatiers Pete & Fran Guppy of Guppys Chocolates. Peter and Fran very kindly came and officially opened SWEET FINK last week and we are delighted to stock their very popular chocolate shards in both FINK and SWEET FINK.

We had a quick chat to Peter, in between batches of Blueberry Shards.

What is your favourite flavour?

For me, it would have to be Milk Peanut Butter, but Fran would go for a Dark Peppermint.

What is the most popular flavour that you sell?

Milk Salted Caramel is the most popular by far.

Do you do any unusual flavours?

Our Milk Chocolate Bar with a Hint of Lavender is well worth a try.

guppys chocolate

How many staff do you have at Guppys?

We’re very much a small, family run, independent business. There are 4 members of the team and Fran and I still make and package the chocolates ourselves.

Are there any new developments to look forward to?

We’re really excited about our new enrobing machine which will be arriving in a couple of weeks’ time. We’ll then be able to cover strips of orange and ginger in delicious chocolate.

Are you both originally from Yorkshire?

I was born and brought up in York, and Fran has spent almost all of her life here, except for the first few weeks across the border in Lancashire!

What is your favourite part of Yorkshire?

We do spend a lot of time up in Whitby, and love walking along the coast.

For more information on Guppys Chocolates please visit their website: