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New Beginnings

On Monday 27th June 2016, FINK officially opened its newly painted door on Boroughbridge High Street.  Formerly known as The Fruit Basket, the popular shop had provided local customers with groceries for many years. Now, under new ownership from Hugh Fink and  Sharon Longcroft, FINK now has a new lease of life.

“We bought the shop a couple of years ago”, says Sharon, who also runs a successful picture framing business in the town. “We’ve been developing it ever since. We decided to give it Hugh’s surname as it’s short, fun & funky and we want people to know that we stock ‘unusual’ as well as ‘local’. And we’re always on the lookout for the most delicious and interesting food we can find.”

With a new logo and bright branding, the name FINK certainly stands out on the busy Boroughbridge High Street. Adding a fresh, vibrant dimension, the shop is brimming with local produce, artisan baking, continental fine foods and fresh fish, cheeses and meats.  Local celebrity chef Stephanie Moon is very impressed. “They always have everything I need, however obscure.”

“They always have everything I need, however obscure.”

~ Stephanie Moon, Chef Consultant, All About Food


“I’ve lived in Boroughbridge for the last 20 years,” says Hugh, who has a marketing and sales background with a major engineering firm. “Until now I haven’t had the opportunity to get so involved with the local community and I’m really enjoying it.   I’ve even joined the Community Choir!”

Sweet Additions

Soon after re-branding as FINK, luxury chocolate boutique SweetFINK opened nearby. Offering a hand-picked selection of the finest chocolates, in traditional and more unusual varieties SweetFINK offers a unique opportunity for customers to select beautifully packaged, handmade chocolates. SweetFINK now shares premises with FINK at 14 High Street, offering a one-stop shop for every foody’s needs. SweetFINK also sells an assortment of other sweet treats, including single origin chocolate bars, biscuits and cakes, with the focus always on fabulous independent producers who share their passion for provenance and great taste.

New Responsibilities

The latest addition to the family is FINK Home & Nature, the region’s first dedicated eco store. Intended to help everyone respond to ever increasing concerns about our impact on the environment, FINK Home & Nature offers a range of alternative, eco-friendly  purchasing options reducing plastic use and environmental impact. FINK Home & Nature operates from separate premises just a few doors down from FINK at 32 High Street.

‘Our customers at FINK really appreciate provenance and high quality, as well as the opportunity to buy beautiful gifts, and this encouraged our idea of opening a more focused chocolate shop,’ says Hugh. ‘When an ideal location became available just down the road, we couldn’t resist.’


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